Friday, 23 May 2014

Miss You Lots..

I made this layout about 4 months after my dad passed away. Couldn't believe he is no longer with us. I lived in overseas at that time and couldn't get back in time to see him the last time. It was sudden and it was fast, but I'm grateful that when it happened he didn't have to suffer. He was a very active man and still working even though he is already 77 yrs old. Sitting in wheelchair would never be a option for him.

The last 3 years had been getting really tough for him due to arthritis, hearing problem, high blood pressure, and he was a bit overweight but then he didn't have the strength to exercise or walk for long period or just to climb up upstairs took him 10 minutes. It was heart wrenching watching someone so strong, smart, funny, wise... can be devoured by age. He was my anchor. My whole life goes around him.

Today I keep thinking that he wouldn't want me to indulge my sorrow. Life must go on. My sister told me once ( because I kept crying n crying n asking "why??...why??"), "The living ones are more important than the dead one". She really got a twist like my dad. 1 sentence can drill hole to my brain.

I learn to focus more to those around me. The past only leave my with memories I cannot change, but the present is a memory I can create. Cherish the ones that I have now is what matters the most.

This photo was taken on his last birthday. He like to make funny faces whenever we took photo, until we have to take many times. Most of the paper I used are from Prima. The flowers are from Prima and the roses are handmade.

The best dad.. More than I can ask for. 

He used pocket watch and here I found the perfect embellishment from Jolle's sticker. I did handwritting for journal cum tittle and I also drew the flourish.

I do miss him a lot, but I have to be strong. I will give my best for this life. 

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