Sunday, 12 January 2014

Enjoy The Moments

When I saw this paper collection from Webster's Page, I couldn't resist to take a few sheets of each one of them. They are so romantic and dreamy. I instantly got images on how to make it. The one with hot air ballon is my favorite. The empty square at the bottom right hand side is the place to put your photo.

Here some closer picture to show you the details. This in particular using a few layers to make the 3D effect, as you can see on the hot air balloon. I also smudged some ink to create more depth.

 A lot of complicated cuttings, and I mean a lot lot lot of cutting. haha. The collection also comes with their lovely embellishments, like the green flower cameo at  bottom left. 

I get this phrase from Dusty Attic. They have really beautiful words and the laser cutting are gorgeous. The best chipboard I can find so far. You will notice that I'm using quite a lot of their products for my projects. I smudge inks around the edges and then I put some stars around it. 

I hope you like it. :)


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